Our Profile​​​​​​​

Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited is the pioneer and market leader of Sri Lankan chemical industry. The company is a Self-financing, a profit earning, and a fully State- owned Company, which contributes dividends to General Treasury annually. The Company is currently functioning under the purview of Ministry of Industries.

Our Role

Meeting Sri Lanka’s Essential Chemical Needs – Our Responsibility!

Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited plays a very significant national role in providing Liquid Chlorine for national water purification by meeting the Chlorine need of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board and thereby contributes on the supply of purified drinking water to the Nation, which is essential for ensuring water safety in Sri Lanka.

The Company readily meets Chlorine requirement of the country and refills Chlorine gas to cylinders of 68 kilograms from 900 kilograms cylinders under strict safety conditions.The Company also supplies Caustic Soda for soap manufacturing and other chemicals required for local manufacturing industries. The Company also manufactures Sodium Hypochlorite and Caustic Liquid as value addition which are used in variety of industries.

The company also conducts training programs on chemical applications and safe handling of Chlorine for customers and users of chemicals.