Chemical Formula: Cl2

Chlorine is a product manufactured by the chloro alkali process. Electrolysis of common salt (NaCl) gives out chlorine in this process. Chlorine gas is compressed & liquefied for the purpose of storage & transportation. Chlorine gas is transported in either in large tanks or in a cylinders of varying sizes from 900 kg to smaller sizes such as 68 kg or 50 kg.


Chlorine has many uses from water purification to manufacture of many other chemical compounds. Most of water works around the world use chlorine for dis-infection purpose. There are several chlorine base products such as bleaching powder, bleaching liquor etc for easy application of chlorine for swimming pools, waste water treatment plants etc. Chlorine is also a bleaching agent which is used to bleach fabric, cotton yarn etc.

Many hydrocarbons and organic compounds are reacted with chlorine to manufacture number of commercially important organic compounds such as poly vinyl chloride (PVC), chloroform (CCl4), Methyl Chloride (CH3Cl) and many other organo-chloro compounds.